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Project - Acoustic and flow measurement toolbox


This project aims to design inexpensive, open source tools for unsteady flow and acoustic measurements. We will use inexpensive data acquisition interfaces based on the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and LED based PIV, to obtain fast pressure and phase locked velocity measurements data for unsteady flows. The ultimate goal is to create the most affordable instrumentation for measuring unsteady flow and pressure at kHz frequencies.

A team of 2-3 students would be ideal to manage the hardware and software tasks, which will be documented in sharable form as part of the OpenLabTools framework.

Funding may be available as a UROP for the summer for the project.

Resources available

The project will be allocated a consumables budget of up to £500.

Project students will be expected to spend an extra week after the end of their project integrating their work into the OpenLabTools web resource. Students will receive a £250 grant for that purpose. This contribution will not be assessed as part of the MEng project.

Project supervisor

Simone Hochgreb