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Data Acquisition


Sensing and measurement of environmental and state variables is ubiquitous in engineering. Typical systems in industry and labs include a sensor, a data conditioning module, and a personal computer or data logger to connect the signals to a readable output. Today, most smart phones have sufficient processing and memory capabilities to allow data acquisition for most common laboratory experiments. Yet we continue to use dedicated PCs and data acquisition boards at a high cost. This project is dedicated to creating simple, low cost solutions to data acquisition and logging for most generic teaching and laboratory purposes, based on the Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards, and using open source software.

I2C ADC from Adafruit on the Raspberry Pi

For low data rates, a simple I2C system is sufficient to provide accurate readings (16 bits precision). Detailled tutorials are available.

Arduino and Raspberry Pi data logging system

Audio rates can be achieved thanks to an Arduino microcontroller, with limitations on the data quality (10/12 bit accuracy). Tutorials will be available soon.

PiDAQ - Custom data acquisition system for the Raspberry Pi

Michael Allan has developed during his MEng project a custom data acquisition system for the Raspberry Pi. His project report is available for download.

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